*this is a fictional rebrand of Casa de Montecristo & Montecristo cigars

ART DIRECTION // Soonduk Krebs 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Austen Hart

INSTITUTION // Tyler School of Art

Montecristo Cigars prides themselves on being one of the world's most recognizable cigar brands. In 2016, the cigar distributor opened up a premier cigar bar, marketing themselves as a "modern cigar bar". The problem was that the logo and branding did not reflect this. The challenge was created a new visual identity that reflected Montecristo's long standing history, while giving the brand a refreshing, modern look.



I was inspired by the type based aspect of the original Casa de Montecristo logo, but the typography needed to be redone. To do this, I created a custom typeface that is based off of Futura for a simple and modern feel, but I added subtle flairs to the serifs to convey a sense of elegance. I created decorative elements around the type that were inspired by the movement of smoke. The fleur-de-lis can be seen on the original Montecristo logo that was designed in the 1940's and has been incorporated in the company's branding ever since. To pay homage to this history, I decided to incoporate into my version of the logo.

For application purposes I created a secondary logo. The square ratio of this logo made it easier to apply to certain branding elements such as cigar bands and stationary.

I wanted the logo to have an appeal to both young and old cigar smokers which is why it was important to combine both elegant and sophisticated elements with clean, modern ones.


I wanted to create an aspect of the brand that would draw in the market of people who have not smoked cigars before. To do this, I created a cigar kit intended to teach people how to pair cigars with different types of drinks. The cigar kit comes with different types of cigars, matches, and a booklet about cigar pairing. The chapters of the booklet are organized by different types of drinks, informing the reader on how to pair specific drinks with different cigars.


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